Fees & Payments

Our fees are usual and customary for the geographic area. They are based upon the treatment we provide and the amount of time we spend with each patient and parent. You are welcome to inspect our fee schedules. All patients are expected to read and sign a copy of our office financial policy.

Payment for our services is due at the time the service is provided, regardless of whether a parent or other person brings the child to our office. We accept cash, checks, Visa or MasterCard. In the event you are unable to pay our full charges at the time of service, we will be pleased to work out a program of regular monthly payments with you.

If we are a participating provider with your healthcare insurance plan, we will be pleased to submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance carrier, with benefits assigned to us. Before we can do this, however, we must have a copy of your current insurance information. In the case of a newborn infant, you must enroll the baby with the insurance carrier, usually within 30 days of birth. Otherwise the baby will not be covered. If you fail to enroll your newborn child, you will be responsible for paying the charges.

If your insurance plan has a copayment, the insurance carrier requires that we collect copayment from you at the time of service. If the plan has a deductible and you have not met the deductible, that amount is due at the time of service. You are ultimately responsible for knowing the benefits and coverage of your insurance. Today many insurance plans have limited coverage of well child care. Therefore, it is your responsibility to become familiar with your insurance coverage prior to visits or charges. You are responsible for all charges not covered.